Keelen & Company are market leaders in consulting on data, technology, operations, system implementation, process optimization, national expansion, and more. Let our experience and expertise drive your success!

Interim C-Suite Assignments

Looking to make a quick change?  Need short-term leadership in the C-Suite?  K&CO temporarily fills a variety of leadership positions, including COO, CIO, CTO, CAO, & more.

Data & Technology Vision

Create your organization's data & technology vision from scratch or modify your current roadmap.  Identify the right systems, hardware, devices, and applications to ensure maximum efficiency and user output.

System Implementation

Thinking about a system upgrade or implementation?  K&CO fills important gaps and provides much-needed expertise from the trenches and the C-Suite.  We particularly shine with Workday and large information systems!

Process Optimization

Minimize cost and maximize efficiency in your organization's systems & software.  K&CO helps you remove every bottleneck and ensure that every detail matters.

National Expansion

Make a smooth transition from a regional organization to a national organization.  Avoid common pitfalls and develop a culture that stretches across regions.

Executive Coaching

Learn how to become a highly effective coach and manager.  K&CO provides hands-on coaching to employees at all levels.  Leverage our wealth of experiences to improve your organization!


Visualizations Created


Processes Optimized


Visions Codified


Customer Satisfaction